Isaac Murdoch & Matt Epp Come Together for New Release

New album You Were Chosen to Be Here kickstarts a grassroots unity-seeking movement through collaborative live performances between Isaac Murdoch & Matt Epp under the name Revolution of the Heart. Isaac Murdoch (Bomgiizhik) is an Anishinaabe Ojibway artist from Serpent River First Nation – a member of the Fish Clan – where he grew up in the traditional setting of hunting and gathering on the land. International touring artist Matt Epp is the quintessential troubadour of the Canadian prairies, an award-winning songwriter whose performances encourage a sense of connection. Together, they create a true weaving of community, storytelling, art, and healing to encourage a reclaiming of our relationships with each other, the lands and the waters. 

Listen to You Were Chosen to Be Here about the need for massive change in the world:

With a collective dream of living in accordance with natural laws, “Everything We Need” was inspired by climate change and human alienation from nature. This song paints a beautiful picture of how happy life could be without the excesses that are causing massive destruction of life on earth.  


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