Shaun Johnson’s Special Tribute to the Leading Ladies in his Life

Shaun Johnson’s brand new album “Made For Her” is released on October 12th, and is inspired by all the women in his life. 

“I’m surrounded by influential women in my life. My mom has four sisters – I have two – & growing up I enjoyed three great aunts who were like grandparents to me. Two, I started the Big Band Experience with an incomparable ally, Michelle, who has worked tirelessly by my side. Okay, actually I am usually running to catch up with her. And now, I am lucky to be surrounded by three daughters & a beautiful partner in my wife, Mary. She not only supports me at hundreds of shows (with three girls in tow and a career of her own), but also creates videos & brainstorms the next great ideas with me. She even designed the album you now hold in your hands.”

Clearly, Johnson is very much connected to the women in his life through his music and his family life is what gives him so much meaning: 

“The Thread that clearly connects each song is HER.”

Included in the album is his most recent single release, “All Because of You” which is a song all about Johnson’s wife. This song is similar to his last single release, but is more of a ballad style, with upbeat rhythms and a catchy chorus. The lyrics are particularly noteworthy and the string arrangement adds an extra richness than heard on previous songs. 

I finally wrote a love song that I didn’t throw in the proverbial trash. When my wife 

first heard the demo, she cried. And hopefully that’s a good sign,”

“This Old Man” is another stand out track on the album, dedicated to his daughters. Written as a lullaby, with Johnson’s smooth jazz vocals and string arrangement, this is a nostalgic song. “Please, never grow up … one more lullaby.” 

“Losing You” is the song Johnson wrote for his older sister whose husband sadly died. His sister, numb in grief, called him one evening to say she was driving, and froze at a green light. She couldn’t go on. This song is written for her. 

Shaun’s original songs, arrangements and albums have won numerous awards for best pop album, gospel song and Christmas original and have been featured on television and in movies. In the Big Band Experience, Johnson sings with the likes of Aaron Moe (alto saxophone), Jeff Carver (trumpet), Theo Brown (on piano), Jim Bierma (Bass), David Stanoch (percussion), Ronny Leow (Tenor Saxophone) and Conrad Miska (Tenor Saxophone). 

Johnson left the successful quartet “Tonic Sol-fa”, who sold close to 2 million records, to create his own contemporary group to honor Frank Sinatra, and added a touch of Michael Bublé for a unique sound. 

“Made For Her” is an original sophomore release. We are looking forward to watching and listening the Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience on tour this autumn/winter following the album release. 

Follow Shaun Johnson on his website 

Stay current on his social media platforms Facebook and Instagram and watch artist interviews and appearances on his You Tube channel. 


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