Mary Jennings Releases Official Video for “Dreaming of Giants”

“Dreaming of Giants” is a bold, loud and powerful ballad from Mary Jennings’ latest album entitled “Matriarch.” 

This artistically produced monochrome VIDEO to accompany the single features Mary herself, caught up in a dream that she just cannot forget. 

“Have you ever woken up from a dream that you just can’t shake? You know … those dreams that stick with you all day and follow you around only to cause you anxiety right before you fall asleep the next night? Well, I have those … often … and sometimes about giants.” 

The juxtaposing images of hands reaching out and trying to grab hold of Mary, many beating hearts and a sea full of eyes, creates a sense of immense restlessness and a never ending ocean of emotions and dreams, dreams possibly never realized. 

This music video was produced with Friedanimation together with Whitney Wolanin. It is definitely unique, experimental and demonstrates Jenning’s ability to bring her music to life on screen as well as in the studio. 

More recently, and since the pandemic, Jennings has been all about revealing herself to her fans and showing the real her. This is refreshing and real.  

A unique artist, Mary has performed at a number of tours over the years and several of her songs have featured on Lifetime’s TV show “Dance Moms” as well as the film “Devil Seed.” 

For more information on Mary Jennings visit her website

To listen to Matriarch go to Soundcloud. 


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