The Wilderness of Manitoba Debuts “Sometimes”

From The Wilderness of Manitoba’s inception, the band has redefined itself with every new release. Following a three year hiatus, they return with a new line-up and forthcoming album, Farewell To Cathedral – about leaving your safe place in order to move forward and grow. Many of the album’s songs deal with loss through the eyes of hope – believing in the hope one can find through melancholy. 

The LP’s latest offering, “Sometimes,” centres around disillusionment and doubt – an anti-love song in the folk tradition about all of the parts within a relationship that don’t seem to quite fit together at times. However, hopefulness prevails in the chorus’ refrain which is an ultimate reminder that we only feel this way “Sometimes.” 

Created and directed by Maggie Gray using both stop motion and timelapse photography techniques, the video depicts the common experience of grieving a relationship’s end.


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