Favours Reveal “Call Me”

Made up of Jacq Andrade and Alex Zen, Favours are readying the release of their Left Behind EP for later this year. Embodying a fresh dream pop, new wave sound inspired by the duo’s shared love of 80’s new wave and DIY post-punk, Left Behind features Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene) on bass, the engineering chops of Dylan Franklin (Tallies), and the mixing prowess of Alexandre Bonenfont.

The EP’s newest single, “Call Me,” is about life/relationship cycles and the possibilities that come from a new start. Acoustic guitar brightens each verse while the synth becomes the musical through-line of the song. Produced by Mark Andrade, this tune is infused with a harmonious combination of Mark’s pop sensibilities with Alex’s stream-of-consciousness type lyrics. Add a dash of Jacq’s synth-pop sensibilities in the chorus and hook and “Call Me” becomes a blend of dreamy, shoegaze, and 80s inspired sounds.


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