Howard Lull Brings Brilliant Release to Life

As an Emergency Department Administrator, Christian singer/songwriter Howard Lull is no stranger to pain and the woes of our world. He experiences daily the agony of people who suffer physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. These connections with people are what have inspired his music and his ministry. With contemporaries such as Keith Green, Paul Clark, Randy Stonehill, Casting Crowns, and Neil Diamond, Howard’s goal in the field of music is to take the classic sounds of worship and share it in all it’s raw and real stories.

His new album, A Blue August Journey, released September 21, contains 14 songs, each about the glory of God and how He not only changed Howard’s life, but how He can affect your life too. As a child, Howard’s father died in Vietnam, leaving a fatherless hole in his life that he has since tried to fill. A large part of the mission of his music is to minister to those who walk in those shoes.  “I had to come to a place of total reliance on God for all areas of my life. I had to live Matthew 6:33. Seeking not only His kingdom, but also His righteousness,” exclaims Howard.

The album opens with a powerful song called “Yeah I Failed,” a Michael Jackson meets rock style of music accompanied by Howards voice, similar to that of Toby Keith. It’s about how he has failed, and failed big. But in the end, God forgave him anyway, even if he didn’t necessarily deserve forgiveness. He sings “Yeah, I failed and found out who I am, fell right in your hands, one more imperfect man” about his own journey to finding his faith. We are all flawed, but that’s what makes us human and that’s why Jesus died.

All of his songs are about Howard’s journey that can translate to other’s paths. To mix it up, every song is a different genre married with the broader Christian genre. You get “Can I Pray For You” and “Transformed” which employ the piano and organ to create more angelic sounds. You get “I Got What I Prayed For” and “Walk This Way” which lean more to country rock. He throws in some pop rock inspired songs with “I Will Die Young” and “Give A Damn” as well. But for those who really like the classic christian music sound, he gives you that too in “Stand Upon Your Knees” and “C’mon Let’s Dance.”

His most interesting song is “You’re Not Alone” as it’s a stark contrast to the rest of the songs on the album. Where every other track is through Howard’s point of view, “You’re Not Alone” is sung through God’s point of view. It’s a ballad to us humans that we are never truly alone, that God is always there.

Howard’s story is one of resilience, perseverance, and strength to find out who he is and what his purpose is. He says “I can now walk with my head held high, having a relationship with a God that accepts me for who I am and who has forgiven me for who I was and uses me to speak of His love, forgiveness, and security to others. This is the essence of my music. I walked everything I sing of.” You can find A Blue August Journey on Spotify now. Be sure to give it a listen.


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