Jeremy Dion Captivates on “Blowin’ Smoke”

Raised on a diet of Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, and John Denver, Jeremy was steeped in the soaring harmonies and technical guitar playing of the masters. Later gravitating towards rock & roll and bluegrass, Dion developed his unique “Mile High Americana” sound of contemporary folk and acoustic rock that is engaging, passionate, and honest. With a present voice, versatile guitar skills, and the insight of a therapist, Dion is emerging as a formidable songwriter.

With three albums – and his fourth on the way to be released in 2021 – plus countless gigs under his belt, Dion has proven himself as an artist. Sharpe & Dion is Jeremy’s 4th independent studio release, being released under his personal label, Inner View Records. It is the first album of Dion’s to have two musicians – Dion himself and his long-time musical friend, Peter Sharpe. “This album was also different in that we tracked everything live, and did very little editing and overdubbing, doing our best to capture the authentic, raw, acoustic sound of us playing songs together in the living room” Dion states about the album. Dion believes that this work is his best work yet and captures where he is in life perfectly. It is able to show the twenty years of friendship and growth between Sharpe and Dion as they went on their journeys through life as therapists and musicians.

Jeremy Dion’s new single “Blowin’ Smoke” is out now via digital outlets.


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