Elyza Bleau’s Newest single, “Apparition,” is the Anthem of the Modern World

Elyza Bleau’s newest single, “Apparition,” is taken from part of her upcoming EP, Haunted. The song is a very personal one for her that will entice you with every listen.

Echoing the vibes of U2, but with more edge, her music is about her family’s legacy and more broadly about one’s own legacy not being able to be who you want to be due to your family’s expectations or ideas of who you should be.

“I was really inspired by this need to trace our heritage in the zeitgeist and the expectations that families and cultures can have around people falling in line with it, even if your path is very different,” says Elyza. It’s about not fitting a mold that fits your ancestry and the hurdles that come with that.”

Elyza was basically in a personal lockdown before March of 2020. She had moved away from the city into a bungalow on the beach and was working 2 full-time jobs. That fierce independence led Elyza to show up to her guitar every day in January. After 4 years of struggling to write, she wrote 21 songs in 30 days. Planning to make an EP she had spent the last month and a half choosing the best ones to craft. And then…all hell broke loose on earth.

Working from home, she was able to keep focusing on the EP. One day at a time, one “you got this” at a time. The songs were feeling heavy, carrying all of the burdens that come with carrying a lifetime of anger and sadness thus far.

Suddenly, she had her guitar in hand and wrote a little ditty of a melody around those words. And then she picked more words from her diary and wove a tale around her actual story. It was rich with the feeling of travel in the 1930’s, of a girl still in college going on a trip to a city she lived in for over a decade to see family we didn’t know we had. There was sadness, longing, excitement, and thrills. All told in the words of a girl who was just along for the ride.

The song quickly replaced another as the 4th song on Haunted. But it changed the meaning of the whole EP and helped me to brighten the other 3 songs. Yes, we may carry around a heavy weight from our past, but we also carry around the laughter and silliness that lighten the load.


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