Stereos Unleash the “Glory Days”

Freshly reformed Canadian pop act, Stereos, have returned with “Glory Days,” a new single which celebrates the experiences that come with being on tour.

This upbeat track captures the feeling of returning to one’s hometown during the holidays, drinking at the same bars you used to, and hanging out with old friends. 

“That’s how it was with Stereos every time we toured,” says guitarist Miles Holmwood. “Seeing old friends and musicians we knew from the road, being in town for one night, and telling the same stories we told a million times.”

Featuring original members, Patrick Kordyback (lead vocals), guitarists Miles Holmwood and Robb Chalifoux, and drummer Aaron Verdonk, Cheap Thrills finds the band expanding dramatically on their signature sound. But while the record showcases Kordyback’s growth as a songwriter and his willingness to expand on the styles and sounds he brings to his writing, lyrically it’s rooted in the experiences from Stereos’ first go around as well as what’s happened in their lives since then.

The result is a record that’s relentless and compelling from stem to stern, an album that finds Kordyback, the band, and JUNO Award-winning, GRAMMY-nominated producer/engineer, David Mohacsi, channeling the band’s sound and influences past and present to create a tight set of chill-inducing pop tracks brimming with hooks and no holds barred performances.


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