Red Farrow Delivers “No Tears”

Red Farrow grew up on a small dairy farm in Southern Ontario. Surrounded by music his whole life, having grown up in a small church, Red began music production later after attending university overseas in Korea. As a queer artist, Red aims to incorporate community value in all his music. 

He has teamed up with Dex Donoe, a 29 year-old, Canadian singer-songwriter born and raised in Toronto, on their new track, “No Tears.”

As a queer black artist, Donoe creates layered art that connects deeply with listeners across various cultures and communities. He exists in the liminal space between dance music and poetry, drawing inspiration from Blood Orange, Chris Garneau, and Ryan Beatty. 

“No Tears” is a story of release, perseverance, and love. Dex and Red highlight both the beauty of loving again after losing so many times and the ability to laugh at oneself. 


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