The R Train Go Full-Steam Ahead with “Rock On”

Chugging in from New York City, The R Train pulls into the station with a new song called “Rock On” and we do rock on! The song is funky with elements of Black Sabbath, Tom Petty and the Beatles. The trio and long time friends feature multi instrumentalists, deep bass and powerhouse harmonies that feature pounding drums with power and precision. 

Having co-written all the songs, their inspiration is vast including  Billy Joel, Chuck Berry and Paul McCartney. The diversity in their music allows a wide range of audience with their feel-good vibes of rock and roll and makes us want to jump on the party R train! 

“Rock On” is an ode to classic rock while consistently incorporating vintage guitar riffs with a modern flair. A band that is good for all ages and has lasted through the ages, The R Train pulls out all the stops on their journey to rock and welcome us to rock our hearts our and dance to the groove of the music, and we sure do!

Watch the video below!

Find The R Train via:

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