Brittaney Delsarté Charms with “Southern Life”

Brittaney Delsarte releases her latest single “Southern Life” in anticipation of her upcoming EP Call Me Blossom. “Southern Life” begins with a throwback beat, setting the tone for the song. This song is similar to that of late 90s and early 2000s hip-hop and R&B hits. Brittaney creates “Southern Life” using her experiences as she was born and raised in South Carolina. This single discusses all the positive experiences that come from living that southern lifestyle.

Brittaney is a woman with many accolades and years of experience in the arts. She was blessed with a talented family who pushed her to achieve her dreams. At age 4, Brittaney was training with some of the best institutions in voice, dance, and acting. In 2018, Brittaney received her Masters from Arts Studio Drama School in New York. She has appeared in many plays both on and off broadway. In addition to her contribution to the arts, she also participates in journalism with big TV networks such as CNN. Brittaney is an inspiration to many women, especially those who are minorities and are often discouraged from reaching their full potential.

Throughout the single, Brittaney’s voice truly stands out. Her training in jazz vocals shows true through her melodic compositions in her chorus. Her verses bring out her pop technique as well as show her ability to blend genres together. Her shifts between pop verses to a jazzy chorus are very graceful and smooth. Her backup vocals in the chorus create a spatial awareness for the audience that helps create significance in her lyrics. 

“Southern Life” has a vocal production similar to that of Destiny’s Child. The beat fits the category of 90s-2000s hits. Destiny’s Child would group together to sing parts of their songs, typically the chorus, and add dimension to their music. Brittaney creates a similar effect by doubling her vocals in the chorus. Her vocal range is similar to that of Ari Lennox and SZA, although Brittaney sings at a faster pace. “Southern Life” is a sentimental tribute to the joyful life in the South. Its fast-paced tempo allows the single match today’s pop hits while the beat brings us back in time. We are excited to listen to more of Brittaney Delsarte with her upcoming album Call Me Blossom.

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