Eric Selby Unleashes New Album “Where You Born At?”

With some classic rock grooves, Eric Selby stuns with “Arise”. Southern blues mixed with alternative rock makes “Arise” the staple feature of Eric Selby’s newest album release: “Where You Born At?”. Grass roots soulful organ dances with hard rock electric guitar to the ticking clock highlighting the single as an instant fan favorite. With a message of quickening time, the clever instrumentalization will strike home to music lovers of all genres.  Growing up, Eric Selby “always loved listening to how artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, XTC and Brian Wilson used out-of-the ordinary instruments and sound effects to communicate their songs’ messages and vibe” and it is evident in his newest single that the singer’s favorite bands stuck with him. Musicality is an instrumentalist’s gift, and Eric Selby is no exception. Deep rooted guitar riffs and attention grabbing audio seem to be the artist’s tradecraft. 

With lyrics purposefully ambiguous, Eric Selby leaves his listeners to transcend past the literal meaning of his words into what they could mean to the audience themselves. A play on perspective, “Arise” will simultaneously encourage and question, mirroring the lyrical style of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Quite similar to the bands such as The Moody Blues and The Beatles, Eric Selby grabs hold of retro music and turns it into a modern creation. 

“Where You Born At” is a collection of modern songs that take you back to the past, just like “Arise”. The first song of the newly released track is “Another Page”, which immediately captures that modern retro vibe Eric Selby so uniquely creates. An audio time machine, “Where You Born At” places you in both the now and a vibrant 70s classic rock festival at once. Fans of rock will love to explore the different ages on the audio adventure Eric Selby takes you on in his newest album release. To every classic rock and psychedelic rock fan – “Where You Born At” is a MUST listen. 


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