Jason DeGeorge Unleashes “Nothing At All”

If you love good rock and bluesy electric guitar, you have to listen to Jason DeGeorge’s newest single “Nothing At All”. A moody and broody creation, “Nothing At All” will have you entranced from the first notes and leave you hanging for the next epic riff. A master musician, Jason DeGeorge claims his throne with his newest rock single.

Just made to grace a movie trailer or film promo, Jason DeGeorge’s “Nothing At All” is an instant rock hit. The term “epic” can’t even begin to describe this musician’s work. A masterpiece of deep emotional electric guitar, smooth piano, and steady drums that effortlessly builds into strong, powerful riffs makes this song a can’t miss. 

Immediately Jason DeGeorge makes a name for himself in his newest release “Nothing At All”, an instrumental rock ballad for the ages. Beautiful, stunning, and mighty are just a few words to describe this impressive track. To say DeGeorge was a master storyteller through his music would be an understatement. In a way all his own, he brings his emotion right into the hearts of his audience. 

DeGeorge commands your attention – and you will willingly give it. As if looking into the instrumental heart of a superhero, “Nothing At All” shows up like the Dark Knight himself. Soulful and broody, fans of rock music around the world cannot miss this release. Be prepared to roll your windows down and drive fast – this song will take you for a ride you will never forget. 

An instant classic, Jason DeGeorge was magnanimous in giving the world “Nothing At All”. A song with all the right wow factors, fans will be blown away by this powerhouse of a track. Big, bold, brash and brazen – Jason DeGeroge leaves nothing behind in his trademark rock-your-world style.

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