Silla and Rise Unleash “Pandemonium”

Ottawa ensemble Silla and Rise come together to blend the traditional Inuit throat singing of Silla (Cynthia Pitsiulak, Charlotte Qamaniq and Charlotte Carleton) with the global dance floor mixology of Rise Ashen. Both of their LPs were JUNO Award nominated, the debut for Indigenous Music Album of the Year and sophomore for World Music Album of the Year. Their accolades include another nomination by the Indigenous Music Awards for Best Inuit for Indigenous Language or Francophone Album, and winning the Stingray Award at Mundial Festival.

Electronic track “Pandemonium” is the first release from their forthcoming third album. On “Pandemonium,” Inuit throat singing meets futuristic dance floor beats and perfectly conjures up the madness of the pandemic.

Watch the unequivocally Northern video here, with watercolour imagery depicting important contemporary themes of resource extraction and Indigenous sovereignty. 


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