Future funk producer and internet sensation Yung Bae, whose track “Bad Boy” went viral on TikTok last year with over 2 billion impressions across 1 million videos, continues to expand his portfolio with his new single, “Wonder” featuring alternative hip-hop artist Channel Tres, available now on all DSPs and streaming services HERE. To celebrate the release, Yung Bae will be debuting the first episode of his new “Groove Continental Radio” show, which airs weekly on Apple Music Hits, every Saturday starting June 12 at 7:00 p.m. PST. The first episode’s guest will be recent Yung Bae collaborator, UPSAHL.

Listen in here:

Following the release of “Woman On The Moon” featuring alternative singer-songwriter UPSAHL in April, Yung Bae has returned with another surprising collaboration that showcases the artist’s diverse musical taste. This time, he connected with rapper, singer, and record producer Channel Tres, whose track “Topdown” has over 20 million streams across streaming services.

“Wrote this song during the pandemic,” said Channel Tres about the collaboration. “When bae sent the track it resonated with what i was going through at the time and i just tried something out.”

“Wonder (feat. Channel Tres)” further solidifies Yung Bae’s future funk sound. The disco beat quickly begins with its catchy melody. Channel Tres raps to the beat with his signature deep and groovy vocals. The track sets the mood for a night drive from the very beginning.

“I’ve been a big fan of Channel Tres for a while, and really wanted to get this to him,” said Yung Bae about the single. “It turned out we have a lot of the same friends and were able to get connected. He came in one day with me, Bekon and The Donuts, wrote out another verse and killed it. The whole thing just felt so natural. I couldn’t be more excited with how it came out.”

In addition to the new single release, Yung Bae launches his new radio show on Apple Music. Listen live for free every Saturday at 7:00 p.m. PST or on-demand anytime on Apple Music Hits. The show will be celebrating the evolution of Funk and Disco over the decades, with Yung Bae connecting all types of songs from the genre through his music, friends, collaborators and inspirations while casually premiering new music. As host, the internet hitmaker will talk about his inspirations for his music and life with special guests and segments.
The weekly show format will consist of:

Split segments as a ‘back-to-back” with guest artists and music collaborators
Full special guest takeovers: Rising artists within the genre spectrum to legendary Funk/Disco artists, and artists who Yung Bae had notably sampled

Guest hosts: Notable artists host an hour of the show, programmed by Yung Bae, and share a few words and songs
“Groove Continental Radio is my way of taking a trip through time, spotlighting the evolution of funk and disco from over the decades and the role it’s played on influencing new genres of music, pop culture, and myself as an artist,” said Yung Bae about the radio show. “We’re staging this as a mid-century flight the listener will embark on, showcasing an hour of music, ranging from old school cuts, Motown, obscure finds, new pop hits, rising talent and new releases from my upcoming album. I’ll also chat about a few of the songs played in each episode and what they mean to me.”

Yung Bae will be performing live at The Novo in Los Angeles on November 20 to a sold out audience.

About Yung Bae:

Throughout his extensive catalog, now spread across 6 albums and a collection of singles, EPs and B-Sides, Yung Bae heralds the rise of Future Funk, stewarding the sub-genre from its niche underground internet culture into a cult-like phenomena. 

Yung Bae immediately grabs his listener with a distinctive blend of the traditional and modern; spanning between smooth jazz, funk, old school hip-hop, to Studio 54 disco. He credits this range of inspiration to chillwave acts like Neon Indian, rock bands like The Doobie Brothers, DJs like Madlib, 90s hip-hop, or really, “anybody who’s touched funk”. He still dedicates hours daily to combing the internet for obscure samples, always challenging himself to push the envelope creatively. 

“To press play on any one of the 24-year old producer/DJ’s releases is to be transported to a parallel universe, one that’s full of beautiful impossibilities. No matter the age of his listeners, Yung Bae’s music tends to stir up fond memories of decades past” ~ Bandcamp Daily

After signing to Arista Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Yung Bae has released a string of buzzworthy singles, including a new version of his viral track “Bad Boy” featuring Wiz Khalifa, MAX and bbno$. The original “Bad Boy” featuring bbno$ and Billy Marchiafava has over 100 million streams, viewed with over 2 billion impressions across 1 million videos on TikTok. Most recently, Bae released “Revolving” featuring Marc E. Bassy and “Disco Body Parts” featuring AWOLNATION, alongside collaborations with Mike Posner, kenzie and others.

Connect With Yung Bae: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Website

About Channel Tres:

Starting with 2018’s “Controller,” Channel Tres has blended the drive of Detroit techno and the silky smooth grooves of Chicago house with the snarl of West Coast rap. 

His music is no longer the little secret that dance DJs maybe had wished it would stay. For the last two years, Channel has toured the world to sold-out arenas, and found fans in everyone from Elton John to Tyler the Creator. 

For Channel, music is about reconnecting with his own history, whether it’s in his lyrics, or through the influences and musical history he uncovers in his productions. It was Channel’s voice that truly opened the door for him – an effortlessly deep baritone that drapes itself over his instrumentals, appearing and disappearing in service of the song like a modern-day James Brown.


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