Kristen Mather de Andrade Reveals Gorgeous New Single

West Point Band clarinetist Kristen Mather de Andrade had revealed a new phase of her illustrious music career with the debut of her first single, “Côco Tara Tá Tá”. The song takes influence from de Andrade’s fascination with Brazilian music that she discovered from her husband, who is from Brazil. She uses the rhythms of Brazilian style music and some traditions of American big band for this song and the rest of her debut album, Clarão, which is Portuguese for “flash of light”. De Andrade’s passion for music is on full display with this beautifully arranged single.

De Andrade puts her primary instrument, the clarient, on full display in “Côco Tara Tá Tá” along with Brazilian style percussion and an accordion. The song, which was composed by Severino Araújo, combines the feeling of a traditional big band with the feeling of a Brazilian ensemble. The result is an infectious groove that can get anyone on their feet to dance along. And it is no wonder that Kristen Mather de Andrade is such an acclaimed clarinet player, with her solos adding a passionate flare to the instrumentation. “Côco Tara Tá Tá” is just what people need to get excited about more of the music Kristen Mather de Andrade will be putting out in the near future. 

We are so grateful for the epiphany that de Andarde had that led to the creation of Clarão. Her musicianship is undeniable and her fire is not going to go out anytime soon. Make sure to stream “Côco Tara Tá Tá” as soon as possible and be on the lookout for more music from the insanely talented Kristen Mather de Andrade.


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