DAVIS88 Reveals Bold New Single

Jordan Davis is making waves with the release of his new EP “Lights Up.” The North Carolina based artist just released a compilation of 5 country/hip-hop tracks that are sure to take your breath away.
Going by DAVIS88, Jordan Davis has brought a new innovative sound to the game. Not only is he combining country and hip-hop, but Davis is giving it a hard rock feel, which he credits to the nu-metal bands he grew up on. First picking up a guitar in college, Davis worked hard to teach himself guitar as well as familiarizing himself with other instruments to better prepare him for studio sessions. Releasing one EP and several singles since 2012, Davis is about to make 2021 his year with his latest release “Lights Up.”

“…everything from Hootie and the Blowfish to the doobie brothers through his home boom box are some of his earliest memories.” His influence from these bands is extremely visible through his music. By combining the traditional sounds of southern rock, such as crunchy wailing guitars and organ, with his hip-hop/nu-metal vocals reminiscent of Linkin Park, Davis brings a heavy hitting and catchy new vibe to hip-hop. The title track of the EP preaches the chorus “Lights up, let’s go, all in, let’s roll,” and serves as a song for those who have felt they’ve been doubted in their journey. A call for never giving up, and assembling those who have felt the same to continue their journey and remain persistent no matter what others say. He wraps up the EP with his own rendition of Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.” Incredibly done, this cover adds a new level of southern rock grit to this hit, with a rap thrown in to complete a great cover that perfectly reflects the feeling you get while listening to DAVIS88.

DAVIS88’s latest EP “Lights Up” is not one to miss. We can’t wait to hear what else is coming from Jordan Davis in 2021!


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