Jesús Molina & Dallas String Quartet’s Spicy Jazz Collaboration, Out Today!

Dallas String Quartet
has teamed up with the internationally renowned jazz pianist Jesús Molina for a spicy, original single entitled ‘Sabor.’ Delivering a Latin twist and spicy keys from Molina (of Colombia), the artists combine their flair for modern, upbeat arrangements while also serving up an exceptional dose of heat, rhythm and flavor.

Known globally for their classical-pop covers (like their recent Dua Lipa single “Love Again”), DSQ is at their creative prime with this new original tune. 

Listen in here:

Founded in 2007 by violist Ion Zanca, DSQ has performed for Presidents Obama and Bush, the College Football Playoffs, NBA, and NFL organizations. They’ve sold out concert venues like the House of Blues and symphony halls and have played alongside Josh Groban, Chicago, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. You’ll find the group’s music featured by ESPN, A&E and The Wall Street Journal.







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