Celebrate Mother’s Day with this 2020 GRAMMY Winner & Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Today, award-winning composer Cheryl B. Engelhardt releases her stunning single ‘Mother Gaia’ as a Mother’s Day offering to the earth. Known for her elaborate piano-based New Age compositcomions and her stellar lyrical work, ‘Mother Gaia’ takes listeners on a soothing meditation meant to heal the planet. With guest vocalists, 2020 GRAMMY winners Joanie Leeds and Chava Mirel, Engelhardt has created an experience of wandering in and out of the powers of Mother Earth, of motherhood.

Listen in here:

https://open.spotify.com/track/41Io5OMXBfEniy6ITANJFaCheryl B. Engelhardt is a prolific songwriter, composer, producer, and singer, consistently gaining respect and delving deeper into powerful themes. In February 2021, Cheryl’s social justice composition “The Listening” received rave reviews from People.com, Harper’s Bazaar, The Hill, and other notable press. A powerful choral rendition, “The Listening” was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence” and features Donzaleigh Abernathy (goddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and daughter of Rev. Ralph Abernathy) and activist Wes Felton. Her 2020 New Age album ‘Luminary’ was awarded “Best New Age Music Album of 2020” by New Age Music Guide and garnered attention from  Grammy.com, putting her in the running as a New Age composer to watch.

Keep up with Cheryl B. Engelhardt here


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