Emma Hewson Reveals Single + Video for “Mismatched”

Toronto-based singer/pianist/songwriter Emma Hewson has made herself known as a versatile session musician, teacher, and original artist. Emma’s background in music developed from a foundation of 12 years of classical piano, before pursuing a music degree at Toronto’s York University where she experimented with jazz and free improvisation. Outside of formal education, Emma also honed her unique style of original music, playing intricate, jazzy piano grooves while singing with a heavy R&B influence. Her first EP, EMMA, was released in 2014. Currently, Emma is working on producing original music and releasing body-positive artworks. New single, “Mismatched,” was written when Emma was coming to terms with the fact that she would eventually have to leave the relationship she was in at the time. While writing, Emma melded a lot of the experiences of her past relationships together, thinking of the specifically dramatic and mismatched, if you will, moments in previous relationships. 


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