Alt-Pop Artist Kristian North Reveals Epic New Single

Montreal artist Kristian North is a songwriter whose poetic wordplay and deep crooner voice lay the foundation for candid songs that take inspiration from hi-fi soft rock, arty disco, and smart new wave. As the music struts down analogue lane, quaint confessions, cloaked desires and mythical references, make up complex, yet heartfelt lyrics, just cryptic enough to engage insert and booklet enthusiasts.After arduous years of touring as he fronted garage punk band Babysitter, Kristian North entered a period of reinvention to perfect his craft. This resulted in The Last Rock N Roll Record, his debut album. He’s now readying the release of his sophomore full-length, Passion Play.Passion Play’s newest single, “Shadow Of The Pyramids” is an apocalyptic and nostalgic psych track that stays true to Kristian’s overall alt-pop sound. 


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