Raphaela Gilla Reveals Gorgeous New Release

Produced, recorded, and mixed at The Recording Studio London, “Ancient Angel” the album by Raphaela Gilla, “takes the listener on a journey to reunite with his/her own guardian angel” and reminds us “about the work that we do on earth and the help that we receive from the universe”. 

Raphaela Gilla is a singer/vocal-medium born in Israel and currently based in London. Inspired by the tradition of an ancient shaman tribe and influenced by the singing techniques of her Jewish-Bulgarian, Spanish and Polish roots, Raphaela Gilla aims to heal and remind her audience of the unconditional and eternal love.

“Ancient Angel” consists of four languages: English, Hebrew, French, and Lamoria; the language of light and is divided into three parts; Part One: The Ancient Call, Part Two: Coming Home, and Part Three: The Ancient Call. The album is riddled with echoing harmonies and emotive percussion that creates a sense of urgency and intensity and Raphaela artfully uses her voice to channel mantras of spirituality that put her audience in a listening trance. Using her gift and calling of bringing light and healing to the world, Raphaela’s pure intuition and channeled improvisation have created a wonderful piece of art that evokes feelings of warmth and joy in troubling times.


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