Dirty Snowman Society Sends Shivers with “Snowblind”

Dirty Snowman Society from Colorado has hit the nail on the head with their latest EP, Snowblind. The quintet created the project in the middle of the storm that was 2020, hence the name. According to the band, they found their sound: “hard but melodic, in terms of both the music and the topics.”

One of our favorites from the EP, “Kiss Me or Kill Me” is just one of the magnificent tracks on the EP. “Title says it all on this one,” says the band. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, DSS released an intense love song emphasizing thrill, danger, excitement, and all that comes with a new relationship. Lead singer Frank Constantini’s raspy, supported vocals in this track really reflect those ideas – it’s almost like he’s begging on his knees for his partner to “kiss” him or “kill” him.  

We’re never surprised by Dirty Snowman Society’s ability to turn a classic rock progression into something so unique and meaningful, but this time, they really went for it. The band consists of five musicians who share a love of classic rock. Their unique arrangements are helpful in creating a message – rock and roll should be reclaimed and shared.

This is just one of the driving, sulking songs off of Snowblind, and oh, is there more. This 5 track EP emphasizes multiple themes: yearning, love, hate, sex, and addiction; and those are just the basics. Snowblind is a 23 minute rollercoaster ride of emotion shrouded by rock and roll.


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