Eric Selby Delights on New Track “Orbit”

Known mostly for his work in the blues genre, producer/artist Eric Selby is following his debut album, Do, Baby, with a new sound in his single “Orbit”. After working with other critically acclaimed artists and getting inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, Selby is sharing his own original music, and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. After all of his success with his previous work, he is starting to branch out into new styles and genres while putting his own signature blues flare on it.

Taking heavy influence from artists like Pink Floyd and The Beatles, “Orbit” tells the story of a former flame trying to rekindle the love they once had with the main character of the song. There is a very Americana feel to the song as a whole with notes of psychedelic inspiration when it comes to the harmonies and guitar riffs. I also just love the fact that there is a bassoon part in this song. You never hear of a bassoon in mainstream music, so I thought the inclusion of that was awesome. The lyrics of the song have a more satirical style than Selby’s other work, which is usually more dark and mysterious. When talking about “Orbit”, he said, “Between the initial acoustic blues approach, co-writer Don Chapman’s killer country-flavored guitar licks, a bassoon solo and a hip-hop beat, we have a true hodgepodge of vibes to convey what we felt was needed to make “Orbit” spin”.

The way that Eric Selby is able to combine genres is honestly astounding to me. “Orbit” manages to incorporate ideas from blues, psychedelic rock, and country in such a beautifully cohesive way. It helps to give the song the immaculate vibes that make it so enjoyable. “Orbit” makes me want to drive with my windows down during a sunset, even though it’s January.  I can’t wait to see what else Eric Selby is going to bless us with in 2021.


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