VAVÁ Gets Wild on New Single

At the top of our December Playlist is “Wild Thing” by VAVÁ, also known as Vanessa Wheeler, and we absolutely cannot stop playing this track on repeat, it’s almost like we are in a competition for who can stream this track the most. Spoiler Alert: we win. We could not have dreamed up a more perfect artist, it’s almost as if Daughter, Maggie Rogers and Sara Bareilles all had a love child. 

Starting out with an earthy, thundering intro, that reminds us a bit of Massive Attack’s Teardrop (you may know it from the theme song of House M.D.), Vanessa’s vocals come into the track like a rainstorm, pouring herself all over the track and completely taking over it with a freedom we didn’t know could feel in just a few short seconds. 

When asked about the track, Vanessa describes the writing process of this particular song, as doing something she had never really done. “Wild Thing started by sitting down in the quiet of every morning for about a week and free-writing lyrics without my guitar…I ended up with a sort of love song via little scenic letters to a part of myself that I kept hidden out of fear.” This track feels like it is a conversation with a younger version of herself, but one she has in a maternal tone, about the sexual shame she felt, being a gay kid.

This track is for all of the people in the LGBTQ+ community, who ever felt like they had to label themselves, and publicly announce themselves for the comfort of others. And a realization that, even through doing that, some people will still never understand. We are so excited to hear more from this artist, and will be sure to keep an eye out for her.

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