Video Voyager: 3Qs with The Machismas

Machisma Militia is a female fronted rock band. We are a synergy of creative performers, musicians, and video professionals dedicated to communicating messages of equality, compassion, and self-respect. Their newest song and video for “We Are the Change,” bring the project to life, as their energy and message fills the room and your headphones. We had the honor to catch up with the group, as we dive into their latest video, below!

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

Amidst political unrest, people around the world are taking a stand for kindness, equality and positive change. We are the Change is a Neo-80s rock anthem designed to inspire us all to take that stand together.

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

Overall, the song lyrics provide the video storyboard. The images in verse 1 are angry men yelling in a political rally and politicians who don’t appear to have our best interest at heart. The shots of the musicians are weaved into each scene.

Verse 1
When we’re tired by so many angry voices

trying their best to take away all our choices

They block our freedom with their lies

We’ve got to keep our eyes on the prize

Rise UP! Rewrite the rules.

Chorus 1 provides a relief to all the anger with images of peace and hope for the future.

Chorus 1

Be the Change, we’ve got to Be the Change –

Make the world as good as it can be, YEAH

Be the Change, we’ve got to Be the Change


Verse 2 continues with images of angry and stressed out people. Followed by hope for the future. Again, the images follow the lyrics closely

Verse 2

Stubborn people fill us with worry and stress

Shouting words that put our faith to the test

There’s a vision waiting deep inside (There’s a vision)

that wants to be our spiritual guide (Come on and guide us!)

Telling us to turn things around! (We better turn it around!)

Chorus 2 – continues on with the band interspersed between images of people from all walks of life displaying hope for the future.

BRIDGE (Guitar solo) The guitarist is a world renown international touring artist, so we are showing her off here while we pepper in images of pollution and climate change.

Chorus 3 – continues on with the band interspersed between images of people from all walks of life displaying hope for the future.

END TAG – Images display the people who are confident and working on changing the world together because We are the Change.

Change, Change, Change

Ad libs

You know we got ta, got ta be the Change

We can be we can be we can be the…

Every man, every boy, every woman, every girl

We won’t stop until we change the world

We are.. We are.. We are… We are… the

We talk the talk. We walk the walk. We never stop no!

What was the process of making this video?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we were unable to shoot everyone at the same time. So, I shot each band member using Zoom and two cameras. Using our storyboard, we licensed stock images and edited them in, to tell the story.

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