MILQ Explodes on “idontwannaseeyou”

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 5.44.23 PM

MILQ is an indie pop band from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Their holistic first statement, the debut tired. EP is officially out now. Displaying the full breadth of MILQ’s work, tired. ranges from upbeat synth-pop songs to ambient, soundscape inspired ballads.

The newest single from the trio’s EP, “idontwannaseeyou,” transports its listeners to a place of vivid imagery and emotion.
The band’s debut single, “Stay,” garnered a strong local fan base as well as shows playing alongside PVRIS, iamhill, New City, and Tyler Shaw. In 2019, MILQ released two singles, “L.U.2.H.” and “Saw You Out Last Night.” The band started 2020 with a sold out headline show at The Aviary on February 7th with their debut EP released on June 26th.

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