Sydney Lauren Entice with “25 Days”

In the state of the current world, Sydney Lauren is a breath of fresh air. Her intricate-crafted song “25 Days,” is a brilliant and uplifting song for the masses.  Telling stories within every song she writes. Sydney grew up in the outskirts of New York City, a place she now calls home. Honing her craft and skills in venues such as The Delancey and the Bitter end, Sydney found her voice and vibe. “25 Days is a little bit Pop, with elements of a little bit Folk, and it hits the spot just right. Sydney’s training in piano, guitar and songwriting are clearly reflected in her songs, which take inspiration from some of her favorite artists including Carole King, Sarah Bareilles, Ingrid Andress, and more, but brings her own flavor to the table.
Sharing recently of the single:
“Long distance relationships can be hard and when you think about the actual physical time you’ve spent with the person, it always sounds a lot less significant than how it felt. The least he could do was stick around long enough to give me more to write about!  In all seriousness, this song is about the things you never got to do before your relationship ended, the places you wanted to take them, the people you wanted to introduce them to. The connection you have with someone can mean a lot more than how long you actually were together for.”
As our ears and hearts head further into 2020, Sydney Lauren is a voice that we want to hear more of. Let “25 Days” take you away!

Listen via Spotify:
Find more of Sydney Lauren via:

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