Alex Winters Releases a Song for the Ages

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Songstress Alex Winters is on a high with the release of her latest track “Return to Sender.” A pleasant surprise for this year amongst all the craziness going on, Alex carries a heavenly song that sets the tone for hopefully, more music to come this year. The track is the follow up to her past release “Hearts on Fire,” which was unleashed late last year. Since then, Alex Winters has honed her signature sound even more so, as she takes her songwriting and performing to a whole new level.

Recently Alex shared of “Return to Sender”

“I woke up one morning with my ex heavy on my mind, wanting to know if he was happy. We’ve been separated for many years but I still wonder how he is from time to time. So I stalked him on Facebook for an hour and a half just looking through all of his pictures, his new wife’s pictures, their posts about each other trying to get an answer. That night I sat down and wrote this song. I don’t know if you can really get an accurate picture of someone’s happiness from social media, but it made me feel better to see him smiling in pictures with her and doing some of the things he’d always talked about doing.”
More about Alex Winters:
Alex continues to develop her unique solo repertoire, reveling in a vision that is still introspective and sensitive, yet equally strong, enigmatic and haunting. Her music has added an electric edge to her acoustic singer/songwriter persona, resulting in a more blunt sound akin to Evanescence and Grace Potter, with a touch of Heart. The new tracks carry a distinct Rock n’ Roll feel that brings a new dimension to her heartfelt songs without alienating longtime fans of Alex’s introspective compositions.

Alex Winters Online:


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