Video Voyager: 3Q’s with Amelia’s Dream

Amelia’s Dream is known for their amazing musical contributions to shows on the major television networks such as CBS, ABC, Disney and MTV. While we’re all feeling the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic they have released a brand new song with accompanying video to pay tribute to those on the frontlines working to save lives every day. Read on to hear more about their inspiration and process of creating this heartfelt video for “Hero.”

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

The story of the song came in a vision – a movie went off in my head. I am a channel. Most songs are not “planned.” This is a hard moment for our country and for our world. We have leaders who care more about being bullies and not working for the “people.” We have health insurance that overnight went from $80 to $300 to $2,000 and it got worse. In this moment, we don’t have a Marvel Comics superhero to save us. Inside of us “humans” are any of us a Clark Kent or Diana wonder women out there who can save us from our current, not only health crisis but political and money-hungry driven atmosphere where government seems to “take” from the people and not give to those who vote for them but give to those who pay them off in lobbying? We have broken every Constitutional rule regarding  anyone in public office not being allowed to derive income with their name attached to a business. Over the last 15 years, that rule has been conveniently ignored. It just seems we have lost our way allowing amendments both parties believe in to become skewed. Take the second amendment for instance – we all believe in the right to defend yourself, but why can lobbyists pay off the peoples’ government to allow mentally ill to get machine guns and kill children? That amendment was meant for homeowners and not intended to permit automated weapons FOR ALL. We just seem to have lost our way to protect the people and have term limits on PROFESSIONAL politicians like was originally envisioned by our forefathers, so it removed corruption via money and lobbying.

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

We have personal friends who are frontline workers. Please see the credits at the end of video – it actually NAMES NAMES of who was featured. That is OUR PERSONAL mail man, the video starts with Adam’s middle school friend’s mom Thandie in blue & yellow. Our neighbor’s son is the fireman. We wanted to pay tribute to, not only to people who HAD to go to work in the pandemic, but CHOSE to go to save lives. It’s the old saying “when we all run out of buildings from a fire the fireman runs INTO the building.” Doctors, firemen, post office workers, supermarket employees etc. all have families and chose to keep America & NY going strong in the pandemic. We are devastated by our city closing down. We can’t FIX the problem but maybe this is a small tiny Band-Aid emotionally. We wanted to honor this moment and those who have sacrificed for us all.

What was the process of making this video?

We called our friends who are first responders and photographers (credits on the video at the end) and asked if they had photos they took that they would like to share to honor our city & front line workers. We wanted to honor THEM as well. Some are photos I took since I sell real estate. I had a lot of NY photos. Harold is a teacher – he had a ton of photos from bike riding downtown, the tons of Bounty, masks etc. were our own piles of emergency stock piled we created (we didn’t even remember to include the Purell). We took all the photos and reduced about 300 pictures to about 50 to 100 (I haven’t actually counted). Harold lined it up with the music since he is a music producer and has great technical skills.

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