niecesandnephews Share “Lines Appearing Parallel”

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 5.53.37 PM

niecesandnephews become one our favorite new digs this year. Releasing one of our favorite EPs of the Spring “Lines Appearing Parallel.” The 4-song collection really puts niecesandnephews on the map with a truly organic and original sound. There is no dull moment on the release as frontman and the brains behind the operation, Mario Gutierrez, creates an album that is truly a labor of love.

Sharing some insight regarding the EP, Gutierrez tells:

“This EP reflects on experiences of being led astray. The wish that maybe you said something different. Thinking back and feeling better that it may have been something else, something that was out of your control. Did your best to be vulnerable. Then the cycle of confusion/anger comes back but not as strong or ill tempered. It’s a sonic representation of this experience. A flower appearing to be at arms reach but there’s 80 feet and a fence between.”

Our ears are wanting more niecesandnephews…so let the good times roll!

Dive in deeper!

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