American Studies Debut Catchy Release

American Studies - Bio Pic

American Studies debut single “Panama City Blues” takes Larry and the Loafers’ obscure 1960 rock-n-roll track of the same name and turns it into a modern, vibrant, and psychedelic club anthem — engaging a new set of teenagers and college students in much the same way it did in the century prior.  Certainly a great first impression into the world,  the group are well on their way to becoming a favorite in your ears.

Like “Panama City Blues,” American Studies, the duo of Bryant Saxon and Ryan “Inkline” Howell, works within a collision of styles and sensibilities – both rooted in a love of obscure records. Encouraged by his father, Saxon (who owns and operates the Earth Libraries label), was introduced to the world of record collecting in the mid-90s – particularly the sounds of 1950-60s rock-n-roll and R&B. Howell is a noted musician, producer, and emcee, known primarily for his solo work as Inkline, and as one half of punk-forged hip hop mavericks, Nerves Baddington.


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