PINEO & LOEB Bring Genre Bending New Single

PINEO & LOEB By Isobel Rabit

PINEO & LOEB are an electronic music duo who create and play uplifting, funky, high-energy songs. Together they blur genre boundaries, uniting electronic dance, hip-hop, and rock fans. With chart topping remixes, international festival bookings, support from commercial, BBC and CBC radio, and placements on multiple major network television series, PINEO & LOEB combine pure party fun with artistic heights.


Their multiple award-winning DJ sets and shapeshifting live show feature an array of guest performers, from hype MCs to Celtic fiddlers and everything in between. PINEO & LOEB have worked with a variety of artists across many different genres such as Stylust Beats, The Funk Hunters, J Soul, July Talk, The Knocks, Walk The Moon, Ashley MacIsaac, Neon Dreams, Ghettosocks, Rich Aucoin, Kayo, and Quake Matthews. Notable festival performances include Bamboo Bass in Costa Rica, Conexion Beach Festival in Mexico, and in Canada at Valhalla Sound Circus, Future Forest Festival, Curiosity Festival, and Evolve Festival.


PINEO & LOEB have just released their third full-length recording, RADIANCE, on March 8, 2020 on Westwood Recordings in Canada.



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