Odario Lights It Up with New Single


Odrario releases his epic new single and video “Low Light (In This Space)” for the delight of our ears.

Odario recently shared with Canadian Beats of the track:

“In this space we know nothing…but we can learn a little something if we try’. That opening line was written as a reminder to always try to leave the ego at the door when entering a new space in my life. I feel, as everyday people, we spend too much time and energy pointing out the negative aspects of our differences. As I wrote this song I imagined us, as community, clicking delete on what we perceive as our differences and encourage one another to embrace our similarities as humans. With that comes emotion, something we all embrace together. The gospel of anger…a hunt for an answer. This song is a new space for you to reflect, release and get down low. Vancouver gospel singer Dawn Pemberton put me in a trance when listening back to the final recording. I admire her powerful vocal delivery over the master production of Alister Johnson. We came to get down, and pick you up.”

Odario is the leader and MC of live hip hop band, Grand Analog. He is also the host of CBC’s national afterdark radio show. He was prominently featured on A Tribe Called Red’s single Ba-Na-Na along with Haviah Mighty as well as the video. He was similarly featured on Ghost Caravan’s single Damn You and, again, in the video. 

Find Odario via:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/odariowilliams 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Odario/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/38HVjlel5vjoDZZNDdxEgG 



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