Todd Warner Moore Releases Epic LP

24813645-D849-4591-A5E1-D92FDB5F6269Todd Warner Moore is an insightful singer-songwriter who currently hails from Hong Kong; originally from Kansas City, Missouri. His epic new release titled “Path Overgrown” is a charming first look at the artist.
With singer-songwriter sensibilities, what he brings to the table is his honest and unique vision to the world. The collection of songs is brilliantly crafted, that each flow with flawlessly into the next. For fans of those who fancy the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Eckhart Tolle and the like, Todd Warner Moore is the perfect next chapter in your book.


His fifth release, he somehow has outdone himself once again. Each track on the album is breathtaking as it grabs our attention and holds it. Pieces such as “Noodles,” and “In the Water,” help to show the wide range of the artist, as they are built strong as a house.


Every note, every melody and every harmony comes together to bring a listening experience like no other. The songs bring blissful elements of Folk, Americana, with dashes of Psychedelia and Latin mixed in.

Bound to create more beautiful tunes in the New Year, get one board!


Path Overgrown is available on all platforms. Listen on Bandcamp.

Listen on Spotify.

Watch the music video for “Noodles” here:

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Youtube Channel

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