Robbie Agnew Unveils Gorgeous Single

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 5.30.24 PM

Hailing from Canada, Robbie Agnew is certainly a gem in the current music scene. Alongside his new single “Slipping Away,” which has captured our attention, his blissful sound is an artistic creation that you will not soon forget. “Slipping Away,” is the perfect first taste of the artist, as he has new music coming down the pipeline in the coming weeks. His voice is angelic, and the gentle instruments placed throughout the song fit his vocals like a glove. Agnew, who has been performing since the age of 12, is no stranger to the music world and it shows. The result is a perfectly crafted song that will have you craving more. Stay tuned for more Robbie Agnew in the next few weeks, and give a peek to “Slipping Away,” below.

Find with Robbie Agnew Online:
Slipping Away is out now via digital platforms:

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