Auvic Gives Inspiration with New Single

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In his newest single, “Inspire”, off of his upcoming album, Soulfire: Insight, Auvic brings to life the incredible story of a young warlord’s id, ego/superego and the battle between them all. In an unexpectedly complex story, Auvic’s music seems to effortlessly bring an incredibly clear message.

Sonically, this track takes control within the first few seconds, with an immediate electric guitar intro, and an even more captivating beat that runs through the majority of the song. Auvic makes listeners feel as though they are running in their dreams, but their feet don’t seem to be taking them anywhere. This is exactly what he intended for this track, and he absolutely nailed it.

“Inspire is about the birth of a warlord obsessed with beauty in death…” Auvic paints the picture of a warlord who goes into dream mode after fainting, and finds himself face to face with a shadow of himself (the id) trying to kill a dove (the superego). The dove holds the power of compassion within the young child, and so the only way to destroy the compassion, is to destroy the dove.

After the child reluctantly listens to its id, the dove is killed. The boy awakens and is brought back to consciousness, and finds that what happened in his dream has become a reality. He no longer has compassion, but rather an impenetrable will to get revenge.

This tracks brings us into the complex and creative mind of Auvic, as it makes listeners think deeply about themselves, and the story of the warlord, and the track itself. As if we aren’t already intrigued enough, we cannot wait to hear more from Auvic and his upcoming album.

Listen to the new single, here:

Connect with Auvic:…CbR0i56d6B4qClQg

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