Love & Rescue Lead the Way on New Single

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Your new favorite band has just dropped the song that will be at the top of all of your summer playlists. Love & Rescue includes lead vocalist Ryan Irvin, lead guitarist Gabe Swilling, bassist Joey Sanchez, and drummer Jonathan Emery. These guys bring the perfect combination of country and rock, with a touch of folk. Their passion seeps through in all of their tracks, and their charisma is unlike any other. This band was already on our radar after their debut EP released in 2017, There & Back, but now with their newest single release, “Find Her”, we are officially hooked.

The track begins as a soft acoustic vibe, but quickly levels up with the introduction of an electric guitar and even stronger vocals. And before you know it, you’re up dancing to this incredibly catchy track , singing along with the guys of Love & Rescue.

Not only does this track absolutely rock, but “Find Her” is also a shockingly beautiful song, lyrically. Giving fans gut- wrenching lines like, “who says broken hearts don’t bleed?”, and “ you will search for her so long, but it’s worth the fight…” This track purposefully holds the title of the whole EP, Worth The Fight in her lyrics, and that makes this song all the more special.

Just like our readers, we are absolutely obsessed with this band, and we’’ll have this track on repeat until they drop some more music.

Listen to the new single, here:
Connect with Love & Rescue via:

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