Eli Lev Hits the Ground with “One Road”

Screenshot 2018-11-15 at 4.41.05 PM.png

Kicking off the weekend in the best way possible, Eli Lev delights with a stunning new song titled “One Road.” Taken from his new record which is due out this month, this is another flowing song in his series of singles that he has been releasing this year. With high anticipation Eli Lev brings together a gorgeous combination of lyricism and music that will hold the test of time. Starting out slow, the track takes us away with harmonious playing and vocal perfection. As the song progresses his sound goes a bit heavier that brings the best of Folk-Rock to life. The song boasts intrepid touches like a detuned mandolin and electronic textures that recall Radiohead more than Bob Dylan. “It’s incredible to harness the power of the many sounds in the world like midi, upright bass, and looping software. The bringing together of electronic and organic sounds makes for endless expressive possibilities,” says Eli. The lyrical content of “One Road” addresses the folk tradition and how it’s evolved and has to continue to evolve to stay resonate.

Give a listen to “One Road,” here:

Check out Eli Lev’s website here: https://eli-lev.com
Connect with Eli on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube at: @elilevmusic


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