Niki Kennedy Shares “The Weather Up Here” Out Today!

Screenshot 2018-11-08 at 4.54.01 PM.png

New Zealand songstress Niki Kennedy just dropped her debut EP, The Weather Up Here. The 5-song reflection presents the highs and lows of life following her journey of love and self acceptance. At 16, Niki moved to Toronto, Canada to become a part of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. This big move and academy has clearly brought out her amazing artistry and the evidence is in the music.


Her first single off the EP is called “Cheque, Please” is a jazzy-pop track filled with crisp melodies and sweet sounds.The song gives off amazing vibes all around. Her voice is sultry and smooth, and it is clear how well trained she is lyrically and vocally.


A track we love on this EP is “I’m Your Girl.” The song is beautiful from start to finish. From the piano chords to Niki’s sweet voice, the song is an absolute work of art The ballad is about a past lover and hoping the memories shared are cherished on both end of the relationship. The song hits home and the lyrics really speak to us.


The Weather Up here is an amazing debut EP and we are beyond excited to see what’s in store for the talented Niki Kennedy.


Connect with Niki and grab the new record, here:

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