Matthew De Ver Makes Full Length Debut with “Surface Tension (A Tincture for Integrating Shadow)”

Matthew De Ver is back with a full length album Surface Tension (A Tincture for Integrating Shadow) and you need to listen! The 12 track album is breathtaking filled with jazz and funk influences and spoken word poetry, blended together to make a creative masterpiece. The New York City-based songwriter and producer has survived a painful, but, ultimately, profound life. At just 15, he lost his father, writer/poet/singer-songwriter Shel Silverstein. During his teenage years, he also witnessed his mother struggle with alcoholism and, eventually, witnessed her recovery. this album is reflective of the trials and tribulations of his life.


The album has hits including his single “The Climb” and other songs that we love including “Secret Keeper.” We especially appreciate the song “Black Bile” and its production value. The choir on the intro is truly beautiful and adds a perfect hint of warmth to the track.


The music has funk elements as well as neo soul vibes. The beauty of Surface Tension is that it is so diverse in its influences, and does not fit the mold of one specific genre. The lyrics are personal, and feel so much more meaningful when Matt uses a speak-singing technique. The airiness of his voice adds a lightness to the depth and pure poetry of the songs. It is clear that Matt De Ver utilized this album to shed light on his soul; he made this album to tell his story. We are so excited to see what else is to come from Matt De Ver!


Listen to the album via Soundcloud:


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