Passives Aggressives Anonymous Get Spacey with New Video


The hauntingly gorgeous band PASSIVE AGGRESSIVES ANONYMOUS who hail from Rochester, New York have been creating quite a stir lately, as they’ve caught the eye of NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest crew…and beyond. Compared to the likes of indie legends such as Andrew Bird and Jeff Buckley, the group is currently circulating their new video for “Sex in Space,” from their new record “The Mauve Album.” Their sound is both bold and heavenly as it takes you away on a musical journey.

Passive Aggressives Anonymous—or PAA for short—released an eponymous album produced solely by Valenti, and a follow-up EP Not So Long Songs of Longing, which was their first recording project as a band. In 2018, the long awaited full-length record, The Mauve Album was released to critical acclaim. The band’s music videos comedy sketches, and short films can be seen on their Vimeo and YouTube pages.
Watch: “Sex in Space” 


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