Meet Intica: An Artist with a Vision

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Intica is a stunning artist on the rise, that has surely caught our attention in the past couple of weeks. Currently sharing two brilliant videos for “I Can’t Breathe,” and “It’s Okay,” her honest and unique sound will hit home with many. With her full-length record released in mid-January, the songstress entices with every listen. Her videos bring a whole new life to the pieces as they reveal the essence of Intica and her budding musical nature. Check out her latest videos below and get ready to fall in love…



“I Can’t Breathe”:

“It’s Okay”:


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Brit Drozda Enlightens on New Single


North Carolina native Brit Drozda is taking the music world by storm this year with her new single,  “You Can’t Take It With You When You Go” the title track from her latest EP, out now.


Stream “You Can’t Take It With You When You Go” here:

Drozda says about the track:

“Every day is a gift​,​ make the most of it.  If my songs are a legacy I leave behind, I want to positively influence my friends and family and my listeners.  This song reminds me to “give your all until that last breath, every step is a lesson, don’t regret not taking it”. 

With an intense and seductive voice, her harmonious melodies will strike a chord with many alongside her inspirational songwriting. The track which is a perfect introduction to the artist, will enlighten your ears from start to finish. As one of the best kept secrets of the new year, Drozda is about to become your new favorite artist. Dive in!


The Nadas Reveal New Track, “Roses”


The Nadas have just unleashed their newest single, “Roses” off of their latest release “One Louder”.  The band charms with doses of Americana laced throughout, that makes them a legend in their own right. I

n their 25th year of the band, they are readying up for the new year like no other. “One Louder,” is their 11th studio record, and their most ambitious to date if I may say so myself. The Nadas share some insight into their release and sound saying: “What is important is that they make music that makes you feel things. Happy, sad, nostalgic, optimistic, energized, curious, inspired, and confused. The important part is that it makes you want to listen, and sometimes dance.” They hit the nail on the head with that one! We’re eager to hear more of the band’s latest record, and what they will bring in the coming months.


Listen to “Roses”, here:

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Kristin Rebecca Unleashes Melodic New Single


Songstress Kristin Rebecca is back at it again with her new single,  “Can I Be Honest.” From her latest release, her harmonious tones enchant once again as we kick off the new year. Throughout the piece her sound is beautiful from start to finish. Combining stunning elements of her unique voice, harp, guitar, alongside her charming songwriting, Kristin has developed her original performance style and sound.  As she combines the “timeless nature of the folk genre with the modern feel of today’s music,” Kristin Rebecca stands out again and again. Listen to her latest single, below.

Listen to “Can I Be Honest,” here:

Jason Vitelli Delights With “Head Above Tide”

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Jason Vitelli is a name to watch for 2018. Following the buzzworthy artist in the recent years as a Brooklynite, his intriguing songs will grasp your attention from the very beginning. The start of this year sees Vitelli sharing his newest endeavor, “Head Above Tide,” which is absolutely delightful. Filled with eclectic sounds from jazz to rock , the record is an art rocker’s dream. As each song on the album drew my ears in, the impressive 16-track release didn’t slow down even once. Song after song he held my attention and brought the album to a new level.
Kicking off with one of the lead singles, “The Persecuted,” this is only the start of what Vitelli has to offer on the release. Stunning vocals, gorgeous harmonies, and skillfully crafted textures make up the record, over a bed of charming instrumentation. With each song having a life of it’s own, I fell in love with pieces such as “D-Day,” and “Trees.” Jason Vitelli has quickly become one of my favorite artists, and he as really outdone himself on this latest release. My ears are beyond pleased, as yours will be.

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Eric Anders Gets Real on “Eleven Nine”

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Modern Mystery favorite Eric Anders is back with a new release for the 2018 jump. The politically-in-tuned record, “Eleven Nine.” Sharing his thoughts and ideas regarding the current presidency, Anders takes a subtle but meaningful approach as he releases a modern day protest record. The folk-filled release is skillfully crafted from start to finish. Drawing in your ears with the lead single “This Fire Has Burned Too Long,” piece after piece brings an intelligent discussion to the table.


His thought process is engaging and focus driven as each song on the album opens a whole new realm of idea. Not your cookie cutter folk artist by any mean, Anders brings his soul and inner-self into the record that makes the listening experience even more real. If you listen to only one new record this year, make it Eric Anders’ “Eleven Nine;” he will engage your mind on a whole new level.


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