Eleventyseven Come Alive with New Album, “Rad Science”


Eleventyseven have recently unleashed their new album “Rad Science” into the world, to the delight of our ears. Hailing from North Carolina, the duo shares an enticing set of songs, that will have you intrigued from start to finish.
With elements of pop, punk and a dash of EDM, Eleventyseven have garnered quite a fanbase, that sees the group exploding with their latest release. “Rad Science.” The release is a perfect first listen for newcomers into their world, as their vibrant sound resonates with music listeners across the board.
“Rad Science” marks the 5th full-length release for the group. Their unique and eclectic sound will have you up and dancing in no time. Standout tracks and personal favorites of ours include “Excision,” and the single “Holding Out,” which drew attention immediately.
Infectious musicianship and instrumentation are placed throughout the record, which captures your ears for more. Catchy and memorable hooks are also found throughout the album, from the speedy “New York Minute” (how fitting!), that brings a Pop-Punk element to the table that is often heard within the collection of songs. Electro and Synth elements also flow inside the record, with pieces such as “Inside Out,”  that further show the wide range of the group.
On “Rad Science,”  Eleventyseven quickly prove themselves as a group with staying power. We’re in love with the new record, and excited to hear more of Eleventyseven in the New Year!
Pick up “Rad Science” via: http://www.eleventysevenisalive.com/home





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