Tilted Axes Share “Music for Mobile Guitars”

tilted axes.jpg

Tilted Axes share a prominent new release with the instrumental record, Music for Mobile Guitars. The unique record is a captivating display which is filled with 17-songs of electric guitarists that have come together for the greater good of Rock music.
Brought together by musician Patick Grant, who is also Classically influenced to boot, the stunning release is a stirring pot of musical influences.  Standout tracks from the album include pieces such as the enticing “Polymetric Patterns,” and “Beaubien Blues,” which are unique and captivating from start to finish.

Alongside Grant are players Matt Grossman, Daniel Reyes Llinas, John Halo, Randolph Hudson III, Reinaldo Perez, Nick Didkovsky, Gene Pritsker, Howard Glazer, Anthony Mullin, and Larry Simon,  Jeremy Nesse, Dan Cooper,  John Ferrari and Cesare Papetti who all bring something special to the record, that keeps me coming back to listen time after time. Every note, every beat is perfection as the project proves to be a true labor of love.

Head to Bandcamp to pick up the record: https://tiltedaxes.bandcamp.com/releases

Official web page: http://www.tiltedaxes.net/tiltedaxes.html
Facebook Fan Page:      https://www.facebook.com/tiltedaxes


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