Bringing in the “Nu” with Grant Lyle


One album which has certainly made my radar this week is Grant Lyle’s impressive release Nu which is a perfect first glimpse into the musical world of this buzzworthy artist. Being a fan of both Blues and Rock alike,  I found the record luring me in from the very first note.

Heavy influences for Lyle include such artists as Jimi Hendrix and The Allman Brothers, both which you can easily sense throughout. Though the elements of those influences may shine through, the sound that Lyle offers up is a unique, new and updated sound on a genre that has been on hold for a number of years.

Standout tracks on the record include the energy fueled track “Powerhouse” which captured my attention immediately. In each piece Lyle delivers, as everything is fair game. His stunning guitar playing puts the rest to shame, as you can tell he is a seasoned player. Being in the music game for about 20 years, he brings his musical skills and knowledge to center stage, and leaves no stone un-turned, and it shows.

Nu is a steady favorite, and Grant Lyle, you can now call me a fan.

Listen to “It Ain’t Right” Here:

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