Parker Harrison Unleashes His Clear Conscience”



Parker Harrison…where do we begin? Today Harrison releases the delightful EP Clear Conscience,  that express elements of singer-songwriters from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The charming EP creates and pleasing first venture into the world of Harrison as he also shares elements of R&B and a dash of Rock into the mix.

Growing up in a time where Pop, Hip Hop and Nu Metal were the main poisons of choice, Harrison didn’t let his love of the classics hinder. He embraces the nostalgic style with grace and elegance on Clear Conscience, which is about to make him a household name. Based in Houston, an epic-center for music, he carefully created the record, which took about 5-years to complete; it was certainly done right.

Each song on the record holds a place of its own, as it creates lush and romantic tones throughout. Harrison’s vocals are soulful and full of surprise, even if the theme turns slightly somber. His knack and skill for writings is strongly evident, as the instrumentation and vocals are perfectly crafted together.

Songs such as the upbeat “A Day That Goes By,” brings out the fun element into the record, which springs to life. On the other end of the spectrum is “What Are We Fighting For?”which is sultry and smooth, and makes a charming effort on the record, shows another angle of Harrison’s music.

Throughout the album the tones and melodies are laced with a certain sweetness, that is often hard to find, especially in modern music. It’s pleasing to the ears, and the soul.

Parker Harrison has quickly proven that he is a mainstay with the music community, and will surely win over the ears of all who come his way.

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