Peter Calandra Releases “First Light”

First Light iTunes Image Final

Critically-acclaimed composer, Peter Calanadra, has recently released his new record First Light. An artist whose name may resonate with you, Calandra has spent numerous years composing for  Broadway, film ,television and more…so the chances are you have heard his work already!  His music on First Light is brought to life with various genres as he touches on New Age, Jazz, Contemporary Instrumental, Classical and Refined Pop. These elements come across in his two latest singles, both which have videos, for “First Light,” and “Night City.” Like an artist to a canvas, Calandra’s music proves to be an all-around experience, as his charming and intricate keyboard skills paint a serene portrait.

“My goal is to create music that people love, while also fulfilling my artistic vision. I like painting pictures in sound. It is finding that space where craft and art converge that makes something memorable,” says Calandra.

Watch: “Night City”

Watch: “First Light”



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