Chasing Jonah Brings Home a “Paycheck”


Chasing Jonah is the alternative indie project initiated by singer-songwriter Ashley Dudukovich, who hails from Florida. Recently the indie songstress has released the incredible new video for “Paycheck,” which is brought to life with a down-to-earth and very relatable storyline.

“Paycheck” is the newest single and video from Chasing Jonah, who has been on the indie-radar for the past few years, most notably with her past release, Prelude. Taking the stage and listeners by storm, she built up a solid following as she traveled the U.S. for an impressive 9 months.

2016 brings great things for Chasing Jonah, as she has most recently released the video for “Paycheck;” a beautifully crafted piece with an equally impressive video. Dudukovich’s voice is gorgeous and haunting as it intertwines throughout the song, helping to bring the theme of the video to life. “Paycheck” is written from the perspective of an artist that gives up everything for what she believes in; a story that many of us can relate to. The piece represents the artists’ struggle to bring their vision to life in the world, at any cost.

Sounds like perfection to me……

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